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CRM – Client Relationship Management

Leverage your company’s main asset : your clients

KeeSense can seamlessly integrate with a multitude of popular tools in the wealth management services industry. This interoperability helps eliminate redundant data entry and ensures consistency across various tools that you rely on daily.

Prospection & opportunities

Follow and analyze your sales pipelines in real-time with the prospection dashboard. Benefit from target management amount and probability insights, expected profitability (RoA) evaluations, a comprehensive view of lead management, and breakdowns of leads by tax residency.

Contact Management

KeeSense’s Contact Management integrates seamlessly into your client management process. Enhance client records with customized details, specify the nature of relationships between individuals, integrate investment questionnaires (KYC) covering financial assets, taxes, risk tolerance, and client experience.

Customize management profiles, assign pseudonyms for client anonymization, manage newsletter subscriptions, and automatically detect double entries. Import and export vCards effortlessly.

Event Management

Streamline all client-related events, from meetings to phone conferences, with the powerful Event Management feature. Organize and manage appointments efficiently, access detailed reports of client events, and evaluate client interactions. Assign tasks and permissions to your team members based on user profiles and utilize a robust document management system for optimized event outcomes.

Document management
Tasks assignment
Communications tracking
Insights & reports


KeeSense’s CRM goes beyond client data tracking – it offers powerful data interpretation.

With the Client Reporting feature, represent collected information meaningfully, generate diverse standard reports or personalized branded ones. Utilize the multi-criteria search engine, export data in various formats. Whether you prefer to use pivot tables, charts or lists, you’ll find what you need in KeeSense. Include reference data, and retrieve information based on given families, groups, or markets. Gain consolidated insights into clients’ assets and access contact information instantly.

KeeSense allows us to have peace of mind so we can focus on our core business: management and client services.

Jean-Paul Perriat, Herculis Partners (multi family office), Switzerland

Boost efficiency and gain real-time insights
with KeeSense’s CRM integration capabilities.

Retrieve contacts from phone or email

Import messages and emails automatically

Synchronize exchanges with customers

Integrate with telephony systems

Switching PMS should be as painless as possible

We go out of our way to try to remove the pain points for you. When choosing KeeSense by KeeSystem, you benefit from KeeXperience, a process designed to help you go through smoothly and effortlessly. From data migration to training and support, discover how the team of KeeSystem will lead you all the way.

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