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How KeeSense can help enhance your workspace?


KeeSense provides you and your team a flexible work environment and a solid set of features to efficiently communicate with your clients: detailed reporting, client portal, reminders of important events.

Implementing ergonomic and design in the workplace is crucial for enhancing your employees well-being, productivity and job satisfaction, ultimately contributing to your company’s overall success.


Understanding the different types of Ergonomics


Physical ergonomics focuses on studying your employee’s environment. The objective is to challenge the work environment to make it comfortable and efficient.

Cognitive ergonomics analyses the way your employees interact with different sources of information. The information must be easily accessible and interpretable to increase your employee’s productivity and reduce the risk of errors.

Organizational ergonomics evaluates how your employees interact with their work tasks. It includes plans to eliminate the inefficiencies and optimize the sub-processes.

The importance of a thoughtful UX Design


UX Design focuses mainly on the emotional impact, the feelings and the pleasure experience during or following the use of digital solution.

Peter Morville, a designer, has worked on the “user experience honeycomb”. He explained 7 different factors that can affect your employees’ experiences.

  1. Useful to create a purpose for its users
  2. Desirable to boost users’ emotions thanks to a special design
  3. Accessible to offer a product that can be accessed by everyone
  4. Credible to create trust towards the software
  5. Valuable to generate worth for each person
  6. Findable to make sure that the contents are easily findable
  7. Usable to allow the users to achieve their final tasks effectively

The combination of ergonomic principles, and a thoughtful design, can create a workspace that inspires innovation, collaboration and integration. To reach increased productivity and business success.