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The three steps to Ergonomics Success

Identify potential ergonomic hazards such as human-related tasks associated with strains and sprains. Assess their risks and implement measures to eliminate them. Discover how to create a formal action plan, review management priorities and communicate effectively with impacted colleagues.


1- Identify potential ergonomics hazards

The process of identifying potential ergonomic hazards involves looking at three main areas: employee well-being, production and quality.

Employee well-being includes discomfort, fatigue and absenteeism which can be caused by factors such as poorly designed workstations or repetitive tasks.

Production can be affected by time consuming tasks, excessive work cycles that may lead to delays and reduced efficiency.

Quality can also be impacted when requirements are difficult to meet, leading to errors and rework.


2- Assess their risks

Once potential have been identified, the next step is to assess their risks. This can be done through surveys, tasks evaluations and employee discussions to gather feedback on potential problems. A formal study, such as quantitative study or a root cause analysis (RCA) can provide a more detailed analysis of the risks and their impact.


3- Fix the issues

Measures should be taken to fix identified problems. This can involve developing a formal action plan to address the identified hazards, including a management review of budgets and priorities. Communication with impacted colleagues is also essential to ensure that they understand the changes and to gather their feedback and suggestions for improvement.


Overcoming Workplace Challenges

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