What is the landscape of the blockchain infrastructure and how mature is the Swiss ecosystem?

10 Dec 2021

What is the landscape of the blockchain infrastructure and how mature is the Swiss ecosystem?


The FINMA was among the first regulators in the world to take position on digital assets. Since February 2021, the Swiss DLT blockchain law allows digital assets to be recognized on the same level as traditional financial assets. Investors were missing a marketplace.


Since April 2021, this is now possible in Switzerland thanks to Taurus Group and since September thanks to Six who have each obtained a FINMA license for their digital assets exchange platform.


In Episode 4 of Capsule, Lamine Brahimi, CFA, Taurus and Vincent Pignon, Ph.D, WeCan Group share their expertise on blockchain technologies and custodian banks.

Vincent Pignon shares his experience at We Can Group, including on:

  • cryptocurrency exclusion
  • tokenization in the ecosystem
  • global competitiveness
  • investment trains
  • the emergence of specialized platforms in Switzerland


Lamine Brahimi, CFA of Taurus, furthermore speaks on:

  • Switzerland as a financial center
  • the use of his solution by banks
  • the maturity of the ecosystem
  • how Europe will stand out
  • their ambitions for Taurus next year

Discover it in the video below that KeeSystem is pleased to support in partnership with Sphere.

Épisode 4 – Les banques dépositaires et le gestionnaire de fortune from SPHERE TV on Vimeo.


Managing digital assets with KeeSense


Investors are looking to increase the part of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, to diversify their portfolios and capture some of the potential upside of this new asset class.

Consequently, wealth management firms and asset managers need to be able to manage cryptocurrencies in the same way as other asset classes in order to address their clients’ expectations.

KeeSense portfolio managament software combines the applications and features to smoothly manage digital assets.

  • Orders can be passed directly from Keesense to the custodian banks and trading platforms
  • Valorisation is computed and updated in near real time
  • Portfolios can be managed and consolidated by asset class

Using KeeSense as your portfolio management software prevents you from investing in an additional crypto asset management solution for managing your digital assets.

For further information about KeeSense, please contact us.

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