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User-friendly Risk & Portfolio Management Software for Private Banks

Speed up your digital efficiency with KeeSense unrivaled features

Improve Sales Efficiency

Transform your sales management with KeeSense’s prospect tracking pipeline. Track and nurture prospects, enabling your teams to effectively target and engage potential clients. Additionally, visualize your client’s network through the Family/Connections Tree feature (keeNetwork). Gain insights into relationships and connections to enhance personalized client engagement and tailor advisory services for maximum impact.

With our integrated agenda and alert triggers, never miss a critical milestone or client interaction, ensuring timely and proactive engagement, and bolstering your sales efforts.

Enhanced Risk & Compliance Management

Ensure robust regulatory compliance while optimizing operational efficiency. With KeeSense’s advanced KYC and screening capabilities, guarantee swift and accurate client onboarding, enhancing your operational efficiency and compliance processes.Facilitate a workflow between the compliance and commercial services of your private bank with KeeSense transaction monitoring tools.

Seamless team Collaboration

KeeSense fosters collaboration within your private bank, promoting secure communication with key stakeholders. Our portfolio management solution grants team- or service-specific access, allowing you to define rights and responsibilities across various workflows. Enhance collaboration and accountability and facilitate the sharing of messages and documents through our robust Document Management System (DMS).

Digital Client Portal

KeeSense is designed to enhance the efficiency of private banks and ensure user-friendly navigation. With its client portal, enjoy convenient 24/7 access to your clients, along with consolidated views of their assets in real time. KeeSense’s secure safe box feature ensures the safeguarding of confidential documents and essential information, providing an extra layer of protection for your clients’ valuable data.

Comprehensive Consolidation

KeeSense offers a comprehensive solution for consolidating client assets, enhancing your bank’s capabilities in serving its clients. Whether your institution operates as a local entity without a banking license or connects seamlessly with core banking systems, KeeSense empowers you to provide tailored services. KeeSense can be used as the core banking solution or connected to the core banking systems. This modular approach ensures that you can customize and utilize only the specific KeeSense features you need, streamlining your operations effectively.


We chose KeeSystem to enhance our operational capabilities through their robust solution KeeSense, providing electronic document, client data management and analysis tools. Our choice is also founded on their proven expertise in the banking industry, characteristics that make them not just a vendor but a valuable ally in our growth trajectory.

Gerard Griseti, Chief Executive Officer, Andbank Monaco

How can KeeSense risk & portfolio management solution benefit your private bank ?

  • Enhanced lead management and conversion
  • Swift and accurate client onboarding
  • Informed decision-making through comprehensive reporting
  • Efficient document management and collaboration
  • Timely agenda management and alerts
  • Deeper client engagement through connection insights
  • Elevated client relationships with digital portal access
  • Efficient integration with your core banking system
  • Customized and integrated operational solutions with KeeSense API
  • Streamlined transaction monitoring and compliance workflow
  • Controlled access for efficient team collaboration
  • Smooth integration with your core banking: KeeSense seamlessly integrates with your core banking system, ensuring data flow in both directions. Receive data to enrich KeeSense and push data to other bank tools, enhancing operational efficiency and data accuracy.
  • Customized and integrated operational ecosystem that aligns with your bank’s unique needs thanks to KeeSense API

Why choose KeeSense portfolio management solution for your private banking activity ?

KeeSense’s innovative software for wealth management firms serves as a secure digital solution for your entire portfolio. It comes from our origins, KeeSense’s portfolio management software is designed by wealth managers for wealth managers. It stands as a reliable tool for aggregating and managing assets and clients data, enabling strategic decision-making based on real-time reporting.

With a strong base of over 300+ users worldwide, KeeSense’s user-friendly design has proven its worth in the wealth management industry. Our software seamlessly integrates with over 150+ custodian banks, facilitating smooth operations and real-time data access. We uphold the values of transparency and reliability, with no hidden costs or delays, ensuring you have a straightforward, efficient experience.



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Embrace KeeSense, the trusted solution driving success for independent wealth management firms worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KeeSense available on the Cloud ?

How much does KeeSense cost ?

Can we try the solution before purchasing it ?

You can request a demo of KeeSense and receive a completely tailored demo to your use case, so you can get a real feel for the value KeeSense can deliver for your business. In a second time, we are able to provide access to a demo account for you and your team.

What are the reporting personalization capabilities ?