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Portfolio Management Software for Independent Wealth Managers

Navigate today’s wealth managers’ challenges with KeeSense

In today’s rapidly changing financial landscape, independent wealth managers face numerous challenges.

Wealth management firms are all too familiar with the complexity of navigating a rapidly-evolving regulatory landscape. KYC and AML requirements are becoming increasingly stringent. The due diligence process is time-consuming and resource-intensive, taking valuable focus away from other critical business tasks. Keeping up with these regulations is essential to protect your clients and your reputation. However, the constant burden of compliance can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stretched thin.

Investors are increasingly keen to explore different options for diversifying their portfolios and potentially boosting returns. As a result, alternative investments like private equity, ESG, real estate, and hedge funds have gained traction in recent years. Asset managers who are able to offer a range of these options have a competitive advantage to draw in and retain customers.

Managing and consolidation these assets of different classes adds another layer of complexity, demanding an efficient system for seamless data integration and management.

Managing data in the wealth management industry is a challenge, with ever-growing amounts of information to consolidate, reports to generate, compliance regulations to follow, and sensitive data to secure.

In the fast-paced world of finance, staying updated with evolving technologies is more than a competitive advantage – it’s a necessity.

As a wealth manager, you may experience the elevation of expectations of UHNWI clients, especially when it comes to providing a seamless digital expérience with instant access to portfolios, personalized investment strategies and effective communication. GenZ investors also prioritize ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors in their investment decisions, seeking wealth managers who are able to manage these assets with adequate KPIs and reporting

Attracting the best talents can be a headache. Many talented professionals in the field of wealth and asset management are seeking out firms that have invested in advanced technology solutions. As the industry shifts towards a more digital and tech-focused landscape, these professionals have stronger expectations in terms of technology to improve their productivity and provide a better work environment.

KeeSense unique features for independent wealth managers

Client Relationship Management

Attract, grow and retain clients

Centralize and track client data, interactions, preferences, and requirements and deliver a personalized and tailored experience, fostering long-term client loyalty and attracting new clients to your business.

  • Synthetic view of client data
  • Quick updates and modifications
  • Personalized KYC
  • Task management and assignment
  • Data visualization of clients relationships
  • Lead management dashboard
  • Excel exports

Portfolio Management

Manage and pilot your assets with efficiency and reliability

Automate, optimize and centralize your clients’ portfolios. Save time, improve your performance and your productivity.

  • Asset management dashboard
  • KPIs evolution
  • Asset qualification
  • Portfolio consolidation
  • Portfolio Risk Management Dashboard
  • Performance reports
  • Monitoring of portfolio suitability
  • Excel exports


Provide clients with personalized, ready friendly reporting to showcase your work.

  • Personalized design (white label)
  • Expense tracking
  • Operations tracking
  • Unlimited graphics
  • Analysis of performance and performance contribution
  • Synthetic (one pager) or detailed reporting
  • Regulatory-compliant reporting

Client digital portal

Offer your clients secure access to their assets, anytime, anywhere.

  • Private and secured access 24/7
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets and any kind of mobile devices
  • Updated and consolidated portfolio consultation
  • Personalized view on the client’s wealth
  • Full customisation of the platform
  • Private and secured data safebox

KeeSense is very intuitive and easy to get familiar with

Wealth management firm, Switzerland

Consolidation of data and assets

Efficiently consolidate data, bringing together information from multiple sources into one unified, easy-to-understand format.

  • Complete dashboard
  • Market value evolution
  • Cumulative performance
  • Cashflow evolution
  • Multi-criteria search and data consolidation
  • Export of consolidated data

Compliance management

Protect your clients and your company against compliance risks

Track your compliance and reduce your operational risk. Share complete compliance reports integrated with the latest regulations of your market.

  • Compliance dashboard
  • Real time alerts in case of anomaly
  • Personalized KYC questionnaire
  • AML indicators and dashboard
  • Data visualization of portfolio compliancy
  • Excel exports

How can wealth managers benefit from KeeSense portfolio management solution ?

As an independent wealth managers, using a portfolio management software offers multiple benefits. Among the most appreciated by our 250+ users, we can mention :

  • Reduced operational risks with the automation of compliance controls
  • Major time saving thanks to the automation of manual tasks such as client onboarding, compliance controls, reporting, ordering, consolidation, etc.
  • Improved communication and team work
  • Increased efficiency of prospection and retention efforts
  • Enhanced client experience thanks to the digital client portal access
  • Strenghtened security including multi-level encryption security and multiple data quality controls
  • Secured and ergonomic document management and storage
  • Stronger focus on essential tasks such as client relationship
  • Zero wasted time on client reporting
  • Meeting clients’ digital expectations
  • Strong capacities of personalization
  • Possibility to connect to third party tools and services to safely create automated workflows.

We can now quickly verify if documents are up to date and revisit notes when discussing with clients. This has notably improved our client interactions

Gregory Lanaras, CAPLAND, Switzerland

Why chose KeeSense portfolio management solution for your wealth management activity ?

KeeSense’s innovative software for wealth management firms serves as a secure digital solution for your entire portfolio. It comes from our origins, KeeSense’s portfolio management software is designed by wealth managers for wealth managers. It stands as a reliable tool for aggregating and managing assets and clients data, enabling strategic decision-making based on real-time reporting.

With a strong base of over 300+ users worldwide, KeeSense’s user-friendly design has proven its worth in the wealth management industry. Our software seamlessly integrates with over 150+ custodian banks, facilitating smooth operations and real-time data access. We uphold the values of transparency and reliability, with no hidden costs or delays, ensuring you have a straightforward, efficient experience.



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Embrace KeeSense, the trusted solution driving success for independent wealth management firms worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KeeSense available on the Cloud ?

How much does KeeSense cost ?

Can we try the solution before purchasing it ?

You can request a demo of KeeSense and receive a completely tailored demo to your use case, so you can get a real feel for the value KeeSense can deliver for your business. In a second time, we are able to provide access to a demo account for you and your team.

What are the reporting personalization capabilities ?