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This is KeeSystem

At KeeSystem, we are on a mission to provide technology to simplify the complexity of data management and make it faster and easier for data-sensitive businesses to manage and leverage complex data. We help our clients embrace technology for the best.

We describe ourselves as “digital but human above all”, as we encourage innovation for good, rooted in strong values. As a company, we believe our mission extends way further than us, serving a wider community of entrepreneurs and data-driven companies.

Our KeeSense software is powerful, intuitive and flexible, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding companies managing sensitive data.
Including yours.

Our story

Our vision extends beyond a wealth management solution.

We are building a destination for wealth management professionals and data-sensitive industries to integrate, secure, store and manage data to grow their business. With simple, easy-to-use and secured solutions.

Join our vibrant community of businesses thriving in the digital era, free from frustration and equipped with the tools to harness the power of data for unprecedented success.

Introducing Our Team

KeeSystem team : Pierre-Alexandre Rousselot Founder & CEO

Pierre-Alexandre Rousselot

Founder & CEO

Background: 15 years in the fintech industry
Passion pro: being a problem solver
Hobby: hiking

KeeSystem Team : David Crépin Partner & Head of Sales

David Crépin

Partner & Head of Sales

Background: 25 years in the software industry of which 15 years in the fintech industry !
Passion pro: meeting client’s satisfaction
Hobby: music concerts

KeeSystem Team : Nicolas Florenson Director of Operations

Nicolas Florenson

Director of Operations

Background: 15 years of experience in market finance and wealth management.
Professional passion: Managing projects from A to Z. Taking pleasure in "building", innovating, and delivering
Hobby: football, both as a fan and on the field!

KeeSystem team : Juan Larrauri Business Developer Family Offices

Juan Larrauri

Business Developer Family Offices

Background: varied international trajectory in different cultural environments.
Professional Passion: commercial development and client management
Hobbies: coffee and Formula 1

KeeSystem team : Wandrille Moullé-Berteaux Business Developer - Switzerland

Wandrille Moullé-Berteaux

Business Developer - Switzerland

Background: 4 years in Wealth Management in a private bank and an asset management firm
Professional passion: passionate about innovation
Hobby: skiing and football

Our Values


We do what we say. We say what we do. We ensure that we communicate accurate and honest information about our solution, project management, and throughout the client relationship, including billing. Transparency forms the foundation of a trustworthy relationship for us.


Every team member contributes to our technological watch. We explore every avenue to nourish our minds, improve our solutions, and conceive new ones. We believe in continuous improvement, always striving to do better, and embracing the excitement and pleasure of taking on new challenges. We are forward-thinking.


In all our actions, we demand excellence, paying great attention to detail without compromising on quality. We are true “IT craftsmen,” working with passion, meticulousness, and patience to develop solutions that best suit our clients’ needs.


We aim for growth based on healthy and long-lasting relationships with our clients and stakeholders in our market. We value virtuous exchanges that create value for every member of the ecosystem.


KeeSystem is an independent company with a family-owned shareholder structure. We act with a focus on sustainability. This value is reflected in our human-scale management and a loyal team united by a common mission.


We believe in pushing ourselves to go above and beyond in the service of a shared mission: making our clients’ daily lives easier and helping them grow their business through our technology. We place work and discipline at the core of our approach, fostered by a sustainable family governance structure.

Expertise and service integration

We embrace a culture of internalizing expertise, knowledge and service, allowing us to be both producers and direct distributors. This approach enables us to maintain transparency throughout the value chain, building trust and open communication with our clients.

KeeSystem is part of the Groupe Ebene

KeeSystem is part of the Groupe Ebene

The Groupe Ebene is a holding company based in Luxembourg owned by the Dalmaz family. It gathers 8 companies representing 4 complementary industries, of which KeeSystem. The Groupe Ebene has a global presence.

Groupe Ebene : 8 High growth companies

High growth companies

Groupe Ebene - 120M€ of revenue in 2022

of revenue in 2022

Groupe Ebene - Worldwide presence


Awards & press

Selected by

KeeSystem was selected by MonacoTech in 2017, the start-up programme run by the Government of Monaco and Xavier Niel.

Fintech Awards

KeeSense has received several awards, including “Best Wealth Management Software” at the Wealth & Finance Magazine Fintech Awards


We believe in the power of partnerships and strong alliances. This is how we built a solid network of partners along the way, with industry-leading partners who share our commitment to excellence.