Dynamic Relational modeling via KeeSense®

The new version of KeeSense® was enriched with an innovative feature that values the different relations between all entities registered in the software. We called it: the dynamic relational modeling.

This innovation is a way to visually represent dynamic relationships between entities (legal persons, individuals and portfolios) using charts. KeeSystem’s R&D team made it possible. Now, all entities registered into the CRM are visually represented by connections linking them.

KeeSystem® is pushing this feature a step further as it is considered as a real advantage enriching user’s experience and facilitating its use. Indeed, the user can browse all its contacts in a simple way that shows all relations one by one. Power has been granted to the user that can also customize its own view and modeling of its research. Moreover, it is also possible to go through each entity in just a few clicks.

 Below, the relational modeling of a ficticious client (Alex Stevenson) has been attached.

modélisation relationnelle By simply clicking on the contact called “Philip Cole” (Stevenson’s partner), its network is easily generated on screen.

modélisation relationnelle gestion de fortune

More than just a simple tool among others, dynamic relational modeling brings on the table a crucial social dimension in the activity of independent asset managers. Looking at the results provided by this feature, any manager could thus be able to quickly and easily identify connections between entities in an interactive and intuitive way. Critical data are presented on different scales and the user creates and customizes consolidated view on its clients.

This innovative functionality brings an additional value to your collaborators in charge of business development but also to compliance officers. Relationship managers now have at their disposal a powerful tool improving the knowledge they have on their clients. Contacting individuals and prospects is facilitated by the implementation and use of this social tool. It allows managers to save a considerable amount of time by easily identifying potential opportunities between entities.

KeeSense® dynamic relational modeling offers to compliance officers new perspectives highlighting and monitoring legal links between their clients. Enhanced visibility on networks and visual structure directly contributes to legally fight money laundering, misappropriation of funds and corruption. Furthermore, each view can be printed in order to be joined to reporting.

If you want to discover and test the new version of KeeSense®, please don’t hesitate to contact our team and ask for a free trial.

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