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Portfolio Management Software for Family Offices

Tackle today’s family offices’ challenges with KeeSense

In today’s rapidly changing financial landscape and next generation expectations, family offices must deal with multiple challenges.

Family offices commonly invest in various types of securities, including publicly traded stocks and bonds for income and capital appreciation. Real estate investments encompass commercial, residential, farmland and protected areas.

Additionally, family offices may diversify into alternative investments like art, fine wine, precious metals and other collectibles.

Managing data in the wealth management industry is a challenge, with ever-growing amounts of information to consolidate, reports to generate, compliance regulations to follow, and sensitive data to secure.

Family offices often invest in funds, which provide access to direct private companies and hedge funds for potentially higher returns, especially if they have a higher risk tolerance. Apart from traditional investments, family offices may also venture into impact investing, aiming for both financial return and positive social impact. Philanthropy is another area where they contribute to causes aligned with their values and goals.

In response to prolonged economic, social and environmental turbulence, family offices have adapted their investment strategy to focus on wealth preservation and growth while becoming more socially and environmentally responsible.

With KeeSense, enjoy clarity in complexity

Level up your family office efficiency with unique features

Designed by wealth managers with a strong expertise in family offices, our solution handles the work of consolidating and managing wealth data for single family offices. This releases valuable resources, empowering strategic decision-making through real-time reporting.

One place for multiple-source data

Efficiently consolidate data through our comprehensive dashboard, seamlessly integrating information from various sources into a single, comprehensible interface. Access and consolidate standardized and enriched data from your custodian banks and alternative assets (real estate, private equity, art, etc.) into one unique PMS. Our complete dashboard offers insights into market value evolution, cumulative performance, and cashflow progression. Enjoy the convenience of multi-criteria search and data consolidation, enabling quick access to relevant information.

Seamless collaboration with family members

KeeSense allows a smooth collaboration between the family office team and family members, creating a secure closed ecosystem. It facilitates the sharing of messages and documents with a powerful document management system (DMS).

Streamline the workflow of validation with family decision-makers, including the Beneficial Owner (BO), and ensure faster and smoother decision making.


Connect to your family office ecosystem

KeeSense offers high connectivity opportunities so your family office can seamlessly interface with external data providers. Our solution offers compatibility with various accounting tools, including those equipped with a general ledger integrated into the system. With KeeSense API, tailor and personalize your workflow within our ecosystem, creating efficient operational experience. This capability empowers your single family office to build a secure, personalized workflow with external partners and services, optimizing your wealth management processes.


Client digital portal

KeeSense is designed to enhance the efficiency of a Single Family Office and ensure user-friendly navigation. With its client portal, enjoy a convenient 24/7 access to both family members and authorized personnel, along with consolidated views of your family assets in real time. KeeSense’s secure safe box feature ensures the safeguarding of confidential documents and essential information, providing an extra layer of protection for your family’s valuable data.

Personalized Reporting

KeeSense empowers single family offices with personalized, user-friendly reporting that captures your dedicated efforts. Benefit from expense and operations tracking, and unlimited graphics for comprehensive insights. Our solution allows analyzing performance systematically, from concise summaries to detailed reports.

How can KeeSense portfolio management solution benefit your single family office ?

Here are the most frequent benefits reported by family officers using KeeSense.

  • A secure and consolidated view of the family wealth in real time
  • Easy and intuitive management and consolidation of all type assets class composing the family wealth.
  • Reduced operational risks with the automation of compliance controls
  • Improved communication among your family office team and the family stakeholders
  • Enhanced security including multi-level encryption security and multiple data quality controls
  • Zero wasted time on reporting
  • Secure and ergonomic document management and storage
  • Meeting next generations’ digital expectations
  • Strong capacities of personalization
  • Possibility to connect to third party tools and services to safely create automated workflows
  • Available on premises and private cloud

Why choose KeeSense portfolio management solution for your single family office?

KeeSense’s innovative software for family offices serves as a secure digital solution for your entire portfolio. It comes from our origins, KeeSense’s portfolio management software is designed by wealth managers for wealth managers. It stands as a reliable tool for aggregating and managing assets and clients data, enabling strategic decision-making based on real-time reporting.

With a strong base of over 300+  users worldwide, KeeSense’s user-friendly design has proven its worth in the wealth management industry. Our software seamlessly integrates with over 150 custodian banks, facilitating smooth operations and real-time data access. We uphold the values of transparency and reliability, with no hidden costs or delays, ensuring you have a straightforward, efficient experience.



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Embrace KeeSense, the trusted solution driving success for independent wealth management firms worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KeeSense available on the Cloud ?

How much does KeeSense cost ?

Can we try the solution before purchasing it ?

You can request a demo of KeeSense and receive a completely tailored demo to your use case, so you can get a real feel for the value KeeSense can deliver for your business. In a second time, we are able to provide access to a demo account for you and your team.

What are the reporting personalization capabilities ?