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KeeSense’s Intuitive Interface: Highlighting Your Expertise and Performance


KeeSense provides you with a specific interface that is intuitive, visually appealing and easy to use. Your expertise, performance, and work will be highlighted.

With KeeSense, you manage all your company’s activities more efficiently, faster and with a greater visibility. By automating repetitive tasks and controls, we aim to accelerate your growth safely and provide your customers with better performances.

We developed an effective design navigation, which allows for intuitive and effortless navigation, guiding you through different tasks you need to perform.

Engaging user experience

We simplify the most complex tasks with a visual consistency, a uniform user experience insuring trust and familiarity.

KeeSense allows you to personalize your experience according to your needs and preferences. Our personalization features will make your experience more relevant and engaging increasing your user satisfaction.

Our solution is designed through an aesthetics that creates an engaging and enjoyable user experience.

The five elements that directly impact user experience

Jesse James Garrett outlines five elements: strategy, skope, structure, skeleton and surface. Our designers worked collaboratively with all stakeholders to improve those five elements.

  1. We identified what features and functionality will help your user needs.
  2. The scope defines what the solution will bring you: productivity, job satisfaction, employees retention…
  3. The structure defines how the users interact with it, ease of use and efficiency.
  4. The skeleton is laying out the first interfaces of KeeSense and the tangible elements of its user experience.
  5. The surface that you will see and interact with. Each elements affect each other. User experience design is concerned with all the decisions leading up to the surface.